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Welcome to the User Guide for Sourcecode Pro.

The all in one toolkit to help Sell, Support and Manage your Premium Plugin, Theme or Code all from one intuitive system

This User Guide is intended to help get the best out of your Sourcecode Pro System.

Once you have successfully installed Sourcecode Pro the first thing you want to do is add your product. If you have not Installed Sourcecode Pro yet the please visit the Installation instructions by clicking the button below.

Product Management

Product Management is where you add the Entity of what is your product. The actual product itself comes in when we discuss releases, but for now we must provide a Product Entity to the system.

In the Main Menu select Product

You will see the following screen. Enter your product name and description.

Once you have done that you come to the main Product Management screen where you can manage eveery aspect of your product.


Releases are the core of your product, Every installation of Sourcecode Pro comes with the initial Release 0.0.0 Ready to manage.

This first Release is Deactivated by default. This means it will not be displayed anywhere nor accessible by customers.

From here you can add a new release or manage the current release. 

Manage Current Release

To manage the current release you will notice on the release at the right hand side 3 little circle dots running vertically down to the right of the Inactive Bade. Click this to see the release menu.

Now Click Manage Release.

You will now be taken to the Release management screen where you can manage this specific release. Releases have 5 sections they are:

Overview Tab

From the Overview screen you can manage the Release version number. You do not have to take advantage of release management and versioning, but it certainly helps!

Here you can also manage if the Release is:

Active – Enabled in the system

Pre Release – Served to your customers but with notification that it is not production ready. (good if you want testers for your software)

Free Release – Displays to customers on the frontend without a subscription. A FREE Download if you like.


Repository Tab

If you want to serve your downloads from a repository or external link instead of uploading it through the system then you can add a repository link here.


Source Code Tab

Easily Drag and drop your zipped sourcecode folder onto the Dropzone to securely store your source code.

Changelog Tab

Write your software changelog to keep your customers notified of your software updates! You can even write your changelog in Markdown! Sourcecode Pro comes with an integrated Markdown Cheetsheet to help you write great changelogs!

Delete Release Tab

Want to delte a release and completely start again? This is the tab to do it! Dont worry the system takes care of the heavy lifting 🙂

Price Plans

Clicking back on the Product Menu Item, we now see Price Plans. 

Go ahead, click it! Add your first Price Plan!

You can create price plans any way you like!

The Options are as follows:

Price Plan Title

This is the name of your price plan. This is a public facing name.

Price Plan Slug

This is the browser readable name of your price plan. For example if your price plan is called, Pro Plan, then your slug could be pro-plan

Price Plan Description

A small customer facing description of your price plan.


This is referencing your main Product Entity that you initially created.

How much to subscribe

This is how much your customer will pay to subscribe to this plan. If it is for example $5 to subscribe, simply put 5

Do you want to offer a free trial

Price plans can have Free Trials enabling your customers to try out your system and download your software before committing.

Due to the nature of our industry (software) If you add a free trial to a price plan, I have ensured payment is asked for upfront. Nothing will be taken until the Trial Ends, but I thought it was important to implement this to cover you.

Can Access Product

If checked. Anyone on this price plan can access Downloads. 

I provided this option to enable you to create price plans just to access your product if required.

Can Access Support

If checked. Anyone on this price plan can access Ticket Support System. 

I provided this option to enable you to create price plans just to access your support if required.

Billing Period

Choose how often you want to take money from your customers for the pleasure of accessing your product and support.


Checking out your plans!

Once you add plans you can now see them appear in the plans Tab under the product menu ite. You can also access and manage plans from the Price Plans admin menu.

Now if you check out your user account (Not Admin Account)

  1. Click your user avatar in top right navigation
  2. Click ‘Account Overview’

As you are technically a user on the system you still see what non-subscribed customers see in your user account system.

If you click the Plans Tab, you will see your new plans.

I created a support plan, a product access a plan and a pro plan that combines the 2.


Coupons can be created and added to subscriptions by customers anytime! To create a new coupon, head over to the Coupon Navigation Item

Add a New Coupon

Add a discount coupon by clicking the ‘Add New Coupon’ Button. This will take you to the following screen:

Here you can can manage the following:

Coupon Name

Add the name of your coupon here. The name will also appear on the customers invoices etc.

Coupon Code

This will be the code that the customer types into their account to get a discount on their subscription. The system will verify the code for the customer before they submit it to ensure it is valid.

Coupon Type

Coupons can have a percentage or a fixed price discount. so you can for example offer discounts like:

  • 50% OFF, or
  • $5 OFF



The duration for the discount. This can be one of 3 options:

Once – Discount gets applied only once then becomes invalid to that customer.

Multiple Months – You can for example say, I want the discount to be applied for 3 x months.

Forever – The discount will be applied continuously to the subscription throughout its lifetime.

Add a number in here if you want to limit the usage of the coupon.

Use for Referral Completion Reward?

When a user refers another user to your system, if the subscribe to your system, they both should be rewarded right! This is where this option comes in.

If Checked, When a referral is completed by a customer, both customers will be rewarded with this discount on their subscription automatically.


Manage all your customers and see all the important information about each from 1 screen. See who is a subscriber and who is not at a glance.

Export Newsletter Subscribers

Here you can export your newsletter subscribers if they have opted in within their account.

Revoke Access

You can also Revoke access to any customer in a single click. This will prevent them from logging into their account. You can also then reinstate their access with a single click. Simple!

Support Tickets

Whenever a support ticket is posted into your system from a customer, not only will you get notified through the internal notification system, but you will alsosee the Support ticket appear on this screen

Here you can respond to tickets and close them, reopen them and delete them.


Say Good Morning, Say Hello, Say I love You!… well, maybe not the last one, but you can certainly say whatever you like to all of your customers instantly!

Create Announcement

Shouting about anything is easy! Simply head over to ‘Make Announcement’ and you will be presented with the following screen.

Once you hit ‘Create Announcement’ your customers will all get notified within their system notification area. They will also get a custom email telling them too! Awesome!

Reward your customers

You can use announcements to send a mass Discount coupon code to all of your customers as a thank you for their kindness.

Simply create the coupon then send the coupon code in an announcement along with a message of gratitude to your customers.


Manage some cool fun settings here in the settings control panel. 

General Settings

App Name – This is the name of yourSoftware Company or Business Name.

Use Image for logo – Activate to show image uploader. This will add an image logo to the admin/account areas.

Customer Settings

Disable Customer Signups – Activate to disable the registration form.

Product Settings

Launch Settings – This lets you manage what happens at launch.

Show Coming Soon – Activate to display the coming soon page on the frontend to show customers how long they have left to wait until they get their hands on your product!

Once activated you will see further settings to select a countdown date.

Countdown Settings - Sourcecode Pro

User Interface

Simple settings to manage the user interface.

Disable Dark Sidebar – Activate to remove the dark sidebar. Sidebar will be light.

Right To Sidebar – Activate to move the sidebar to the right hand side.

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